purpose creative
This is the design practice of Greg Vennerholm (or just Venny). I’m a creative director who’s had the great privelege of working with lots of amazing people, on tons of great projects.

BY DAY | I'm the Managing Director for Creative Filter and RevealXR. We're a group of artists, character animators, producers, directors, cinematographers, composers, storytellers, dreamers and schemers... and anything esle we need to be in order to create compelling, immersive content.

We get to work with amazing, world-class brands like Walmart, Coca-Cola, NASA, McDonalds, Hasbro... and many, many more.


BY NIGHT | On occasion, I enjoy collaborating with smaller organizations who could benefit from agency-level creative and strategy, but don't have the large budgets to pull such a team.

Samples upon request | I'd be happy to provide some work for review. So, let me know what you're working on, and I'll pull some examples for you!

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